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This library contains various utility classes to supplement those already included with the Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX) to Visual Studio 2005.

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The GAX Extension Library (GEL) contains a number of resuable actions, editors, value providers and other assets that can be used to build guidance packages using the Guidance Automation Toolkit.

This library is used by several guidance package releases from patterns & practices, and is available to anyone who wishes to use it for their own guidance package development as well.

Release Map
V1.0 - Used by Web Service Software Factory December 2006 and Enterprise Library 3.0 Dec2006 CTP.

V1.1 - Used by Web Client Software Factory January 2007.

V1.2 - Updated to work with GAX 1.2, and including some bug fixes supplied by the Smart Client Software Factory team (thanks guys!).

V1.3.1 - Updated to include submissions from the Web Service Software Factory team.

GEL2010 - Updated to support GAX2010

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